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Important Notice

🖖 Please hold tight ~ We are upgrading the Augmented Reality Engine.

Our team is converting the app over to use the latest and best in mobile Augmented Reality technology.

🐇 The release date for the new versions will be around May 2023



Xomtek Industries

Lore - 14th August 2023
Added a research dossier for Xomtek Industries to mega corporations

Mega Corporations

Lore - 11th August 2023
Added a list of Mega Corporations we have documented. Mega corporations exist in the post-time future. Due to the invention of time manipulation, the mega elite of society travelled to new layers of reality. They exist outside of time and no longer abide by it's rules.

First Edition
Summoning Cards

Announcement - 20th July 2023
We are now shipping 1st edition augmented reality booster packs. Only a few units remain in our pre-sale. Purchase one before they are sold out. Only 500 first edition units will ever be manufactured.

Version Released

Announcement - 20th July 2023
AR TCG (Augmented Reality Trading Card Game) is now approved for release on the Apple App Store. Compatible with most modern iPhones and iPads (Starting at iPhone 7).

AR TCG v0.4.4 -
Android Released

Announcement - 9th July 2023
* Support for Augmented Reality cards - used with AR TCG
+ Level up your trading cards by winning battles
* AR and AI upgrades
* Added Endless Mode - Upload your high score to the global leaderboard
* Added Daily Challenge mode

AR TCG v0.4.1.7
Android Released

Announcement - 16th May 2023
+ Added persistent wins / defeats
+ Added 5 difficulty modes
* Easy
* Normal
* Heroic
* Legendary
* Insane

AR TCG v0.3.9.8
Android Released

Announcement - 4th May 2023
*Localisation Update - Supports 24 Languages
+ Added language selection GUI at the top right of the main menu
+ Added localisation support for 23 Languages

Fightcorp X added to
Comic Shop

Lore - 1st May 2023
Fightcorp X is the story of a group of Time Travellers and how they interact with a young man and woman in the future. It is about the Earth in the year 8120 AD, after the discovery of Time Travel. It is about the Mega Corporations that protect and guide the People of Earth.


Collect trading cards of powerful monsters from across Space and Time. Summon them into battle using your Augmented Reality compatible smartphone. Control them with a joystick and attack buttons to destroy all your opponents monsters. Join competitive tournaments and win cryptocurrency.




The story so far ...

From the ashes of eternal chaos and darkness a Great Harmony of light was kindled ... However that was many Aeons ago, and much has changed.

Time no longer flows as it should; the fabric of reality has been torn apart, creating wormholes known as Rifts – passageways that span across spacetime, connecting different Ages and Worlds; bringing death, chaos and apocalypse to the Multiverse.

Beings that travel through these Rifts are mutated by an ancient darkness, changing them in terrifying, unexpected ways.

In Augmented Reality - Battle, collect and navigate your way across a randomly generated galaxy. Building an army of warriors, beasts, gods & aliens from across space and time.

Your story begins today ...

Tyrant and Baron trading cards fighting in an augmented reality mobile game
Genesis Augmented Reality gameplay. Erebus and Alatus ready to fight in Genesis AR Card Game
Genesis Augmented Reality gameplay. Alatus moving around Augmented Reality space in Genesis AR Card Game
Genesis Augmented Reality gameplay. Tyrant doing a fire breathing attack in Genesis AR Card Game

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