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#011 - Xamash

Master of Rhymestheim



Xamash (Japanese: 白火の極上王 Supreme King of White Fire) is a dual-type Sound/Light Vessel introduced in Genesis Series ZeroZero.

At level 1, unlocks a basic weapon called Superhot Sword and an ability called Wave Breaker. He evolves an ability called Ray Man starting at level 4, and later develops an ability called Ultra Sonic Cleaver starting at level 8.

Along with Aeomir and Hyperxyon, Xamash is one of three expansion Vessels available for Genesis Augmented Reality ZeroZero.


Master of Rhymestheim

MCN #11

Passive Ability
Base Abilities
Superhot Sword
Wave Breaker
Unlockable Abilities
Ray Man
Ultra Sonic Cleaver
1.6 m
110 kg

Origin Story

Rhymestheim is outside of Time - Circa ???

Long ago, a new garden was formed. Like all gardens, it was not bound by Time and instead existed Elsewhere.

Something called God lived at the Highest Garden. Higher altitudes are deemed more important as they are closer to the Highest Garden.


There exists a strange account of a Powerful Lord who abruptly disappeared from his Place in Time. The account was provided by his family and deamed as a hoax.

His disappearance was sudden. He left his family of Ten and was never seen again. The maps he left behind in his room all pointed to a very certain conclusion.

Outside and in between our perception lies another world. One that was untouched by Man - until recently.

The scribblings on the walls of his room were in the form of a dialogue between multiple individuals. They speak of a possession and a contract. Something called Xamash - The voice of A Sun.


In the Time before Time - The Suns and Black Holes were created. In their Time, they existed as a race of Sentient beings - who warred against each other for 3 billion years.

The eldest Suns who remained, fell into a deep slumber. Their wings folded - housing them inside spheres of boiling light.

The youngest who had not suffered as much damage were still able to transmit communications.

Over the next 7 billion years. They work together to build Gardens in Hyper Space. Creating islands of Order in a sea of roiling Chaos. Awaiting their eldest brothers and sisters to awaken again.

They and their enemies become Lords of Kharma for a New World.


The Garden of Rhymestheim is found at an altitude of 10,000 Aeons. It is a city suspended in Time - thus existing outside of Time - In a pocket dimension. Things tend to Rhyme there.

The Garden was created by an Architect - One of Twelve. It was their experiment. A child of Time and Death.

Gardens are accessed via Timeline resonance.

In the far future, devices were discovered which facilitate Extra-Dimensional resonance and communication. There are other devices, which lead to other gardens.


A Timeline leads to a Gate.

A Gate opens to a Garden.

The Gardens of Eden


Many sentient beings have studied the gates and come into contact with "Beings" and "Entities" from other planes of existence.

They have discovered Gardens are governed by a Being known as a "Master". There are many Masters of varying importance and size. Each is assigned to a House. Under 'GOD' exist Rigel, Betelgeuse and Vega. The highest master of which we have communication is Antares - who is deemed a Most Excellent Master.

Return of Astaroth - Great Duke of Hell

God decides, to awaken one of the eldest brothers.



Rhymestheim is depicted as a white city shrouded in a blue mist. The buildings have a smooth, rounded architecture. Clouds coil around spiral watchtowers and a thick mist blankets the cobblestone streets. It is always sunset. Deep orange rays bathe the city walls.

Physical Description

Ghostly blue light emits from the armour and helmet of his host. Xamash carries a large cleaver on his back and primarily wields a blade wreathed in white flames.

Bone Structure

No bone structure. Xamash is an energy which animates a host

Memory Fragment

The Journal of Sir. Someone

My story is about an ancient empire of robots - The empire before the fall of the reptile kingdoms - And the things they left behind.

I am making a journey with a group of travellers, we were each randomly called to a starting point in different strange ways.

In a dream, each of us is visited by a metallic figure. Rounded and muscular - made of liquid gold and silver. With wings made of living metal.

We wake with the intention to enter a blue citadel bathed in an orange glow.

Some of us travelled for many miles, eventually arriving in a town shrouded in mist. The houses are all lit with small orange torches. It is very cold.

The local tavern is filled with confused and scared faces. They talk about the disappearance of a young boy. We overhear a man speaking of Shifting Glass - taking him away into the forest. We made a pact to find the anomaly which was sighted in the nearby hills.

A blood moon will be upon us in a matter of days. The dream we shared imprinted it into our minds.

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