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#011 - Xamash

Master of Rhymestheim


Important Notice

🖖 Please hold tight ~ We are upgrading the Augmented Reality Engine.

Our team is converting the app over to use the latest and best in mobile Augmented Reality technology.

🐇 The release date for the new versions will be around JAN 2023



Xamash (Japanese: 白火の極上王 Supreme King of White Fire) is a dual-type Sound/Light Vessel introduced in Genesis Series ZeroZero.

At level 1, unlocks a basic weapon called Superhot Sword and an ability called Wave Breaker. He evolves an ability called Ray Man starting at level 4, and later develops an ability called Ultra Sonic Cleaver starting at level 8.

Along with Aeomir and Hyperxyon, Xamash is one of three expansion Vessels available for Genesis Augmented Reality ZeroZero.


Master of Rhymestheim

MCN #11

Passive Ability
Base Abilities
Superhot Sword
Wave Breaker
Unlockable Abilities
Ray Man
Ultra Sonic Cleaver
1.6 m
110 kg



Rhymestheim is depicted as a white city shrouded in a blue mist. The buildings have a smooth, rounded architecture. Clouds coil around spiral watchtowers and a thick mist blankets the cobblestone streets. It is always sunset. Deep orange rays bathe the city walls.

Physical Description

Ghostly blue light emits from the armour and helmet of his host. Xamash carries a large cleaver on his back and primarily wields a blade wreathed in white flames.

Bone Structure

No bone structure. Xamash is an energy which animates a host

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