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The bank of the new world


Providing currency and security for the most elite members of society, this bank is managed by a powerful group of Individuals with an ancient bloodline.

They rise to power in the year 2500 AD, becoming a primary global bank after they make trillions transporting, storing and replicating rare Time Anomalies.

These include Items, Technologies and Entities that arrive in our present Time from the past or future.

Time Anomalies appear via rare spacetime wormholes. Which, after the year 2490 AD, become significantly more common due to human scientific intervention in the laws of Time and the discovery of Hyper Time Physics.

The XMEGA field division is trained in the extraction and pacification of Time Anomalies.

Time was eventually used as a weapon, resulting in the "Time Rupture". Destroying the chronology of the Earth and completely changing the landscape.

Humanity only survived with the help of MegaCity-01 and corporations such as XMEGA. Who collected and researched Anomalies in order to use them to save Humanity.



The inside of a XMEGA Bank lobby with computers, clerks and a row of large golden storage vaults

Currency Mint

XMEGA Bullion and MSUP Credits are minted at underground black site locations. Where operations are mostly secure from Time distortions and human corruption. Only The Man With The Key is able to start a minting cycle - Which lasts 50 years.

The inside of a XMEGA Bank currency minting facility with computer systems, personnel and a large golden machine

Account Access

Your vault is conveniently accessed via a web3 portal. Inside is secured your currency and SpaceTime anomalies.

Accounts are accessed via wallets secured with encryption provided by the Binance Smart Chain.

A large room inside an XMEGA bank with lots of holographic screens and a man waiting for access to a computer

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