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#012 - Hyperxyon

Mecha King-Quantum



Hyperxyon (Japanese: 宇宙王結晶 Crystal Space-King) is a dual-type Crystal/Machine Vessel introduced in Genesis Series ZeroOne.

At level 1, unlocks a basic weapon called Monster Franken-Sword and an ability called Mana Rockets. He evolves an ability called Magnetic Flux Control starting at level 6, and later develops an ability called Giga-Destrukto Missile starting at level 9.

Along with Xamash and Aeomir, Hyperxyon is one of three expansion Vessels available for Genesis Augmented Reality ZeroOne.


Mecha King-Quantum

MCN #12

Passive Ability
Base Abilities
Monster Franken-Sword
Mana Rockets
Unlockable Abilities
Magnetic Flux Control
Giga-Destrukto Missile
3.5 m
800 kg

Origin Story

Time War (Alpha)

Hyperxyon is from the Time War.

It was a donation from XYZ in the war effort against the Robotic Hive Mind.


A time paradox is chosen and harnessed. XYZ is financially compelled to uphold the paradox. Even though it is very costly. The have a “contract” with a Man named Able.

The Hive mind is mathematically superior to most organic life and is able to exist temporarily outside of Time.

If they invent Time Travel, the age of Man will never begin. The age of the Machine will reign for all eternity. Their domain and dominion expanding across the galaxy in an endless galactic conquest.

Age of the Machine

They are a constant menace. They have no concept of conservation. Only insatiable hunger.

They relentlessly expand their domain. Devouring all resources and sentient life.


Their delicacies are Blood, Water and Gold.

Eventually, they consume the Core of the planet. Eating it's heart - and inducing planetary implosion.

Planets consumed by a Machine Hive Mind, are subject to a swift and unnerving ending.


Hyperxyon was discovered by a ABLE dispatch crew. It's bones were found on an alien planet, hidden in a cave system - 20KM below the mantle.

In the Earth solar year 5555 AD, a team of specialised xeno archaeologists, catographers and hydrologists are conscripted to an expedition under the Surface of the Planet.

They find a series of Caves and large humid caverns which are filled with strange flora and sentient cannibalistic vegetation.

The report outlines the discovery of a large Skeleton. Made of black bones - shackled to an ancient totem. It is wrapped in a white cloth painted with sharp black (warlike) markings. Our records say that it "reached out" to one of the expedition members.

One of the scientists touches the Skeleton and is instantly atomized. He was recorded as a war hero and awarded an honourary posthumous title. ABEL is contacted and the Asset is extracted to a Facility.


Careful analysis of scarce records have revealed additional strange information.

The entity discovered in those caves appears in a few ancient texts which were collected during exploration of the outer solar system in the year 4560 AD.

It appeared to be a form of "diety" or "king"

Illustrations depict smaller individuals worshipping the entity.

Other images highlight the Entity performing some form of ritual.

In other images it is depicted holding strange weapons/artifacts which are of an unknown origin. The color RED is highlighted as being of significance.


A.B.L.E is a Ghost facility. Records of it's existence are mostly destroyed.

The primary Facility that housed the Asset was governed by a Man named Falcyon.

It's location was unknown. All individuals who visited the facility were unconscious when they arrived.

The individual named Falcyon managed the conversion of the original Asset into the Finished War Ready Asset.

It was codenamed "Space King" and was modelled using crystalline technology left behind by a race of beings known as the Machines Elves.


A number of pilots were chosen. Amongst them were members of the original expedition team that discovered the Black Bones.

In total 20 candidates were vetted to pilot the vessel. Only 1 would survive the bonding process.

The spirit that resided within the Bones required compatibility with the Mind of the Pilot.

Time War (Omega)

Hyperxyon is sent back to Earth in the year 200,221 BCE - It was designed to combat the Machine Hive Mind and prevent it from ever discovering the Earth.

To do this, it must harness a Time Paradox. It is the only way to Win. The only way to save humanity and fix Paradox Alpha.



Hyperxyon is able to exist in the depths of space. Survive extreme heat, cold and crushing pressures. It can also withstand Time Dilation - although "prelonged" exposure will lead to system shock and eventual shutdown.

Physical Description

Hyperxyon is a crystalline mechanoid. An organic machine constructed out of Titanium crystal.

Bone Structure

Humanoid with six arms. The limbs are highly flexible and allows for transformation into Air and Tank form.

Memory Fragment

A page from a declassified document

"They awake in a strange facility. In white rooms. The doors are all unlocked."

There are numbers carved into the doors.

A hooded figure collects them from their rooms. Leading them down the hallway to a door with an eye carved into it.

Inside, a group of men are waiting.

They are dressed in a strange manner. Some wear white and other wear black.

On a holographic projector screen is the image of a Deva - It appears wrathful.

In large font is boldly type “Subject 223a16”

On another screen is a robotic exoskeleton of some kind.

And on another is a document titled “Subject 223a16 Cybernetic Matrix Synthesis”

On a table in the corner is an old book. The fading title says “On PsuedoOrganic Swords”


They aim to fuse the possessed skeleton with an exosystem. Giving it back its motive force.

A pilot who is accepted by the bones will sit inside - and partially control the system. Many pilots are rejected and killed by the "ghost" in the bones.

On a screen is static footage feeding from a surveillance camera. A large group of hooded figures are gathered around a large claymore shaped blade. A giant head with a single eye sits atop a podium. Watching the blade. It's jaw is removed.

The cult (A-Ball) will forge a semi organic sword. Many souls will go into it.

The head scientist ensures that the components used are all approved by the Facility for production use.

+ Artificial crystalline lattice organically fused with the head of an ancient demon. Bound into earthly servitude by a ancient mage.

+ 20kg Morphographic “Red Matter”

+ Blueprints for something called a “Giga Destruckto-Missile”


Each of the hooded figures in the room remove their hoods. The leader greets them. The slide on the projector changes.

All six of their faces are on the screen. At the top of the slide is the title “Potential Pilots”. In small writing underneath, barely visible are the words “Group #12”


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