Original Tyrant from the Genesis AR trading card game



Tyrant plasma resonance genome from the Genesis AR trading card game

Plasma Genome


Apex plasma Tyrant from the Genesis AR trading card game

Apex Tyrant

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Genetic Mastery


Genes are the code for all things organic - The building blocks and blueprints for all life in the multiverse.

Splice gets it's start in organic cloning.

After the Time War, millions of people wanted their families back.

Many spent millions of dollars, selling their assets to finance the revival of their erased loved ones.

Using strands of hair, fingernails and even old socks - Splice produces clones of spouses, children, grandparents and pets.

Quickly becoming a beloved family favourite and household name.

~ History of Splice - written circa 2500 AD


Series III Mutator Device

Mutator device manufactured by Splice Conglomerate containing a Tyrant suspended in green liquid undoing timeline mutation
~ "Tyrant" anomaly undergoing timeline mutation


The enigmatic founder of Splice is named John. By his 19th predecessor - John XIX - the company was one of the largest and most important in the world.

There is a rumour that John manufactures new bodies and transplants his brain - keeping his memories.

CCTV footage showing the founder of Splice Conglomerate sitting on a couch
~ Rare CCTV image of John XI


Splice works closely with Timecorp and AEON STADIUM - Producing clones of anomalies sampled during expeditions into the Timeless Void.

Professional fighters control clones in the televised gladiator tournaments held at the stadium.

As original anomalies are extremely expensive to capture and keep, clones are a convenient solution to satify the requirements of AEON STADIUM.


In the year 4005, Splice discovers Timeline Mutation.

Based on principles of resonance, timeline mutations are classified into three categories: Gamma, Alpha and Sigma.

These classifications were derived using % deviation (δ) from the "standard timeline"

Deviation is classified as change in "events" during the life of the anomaly.

Where the standard timeline is 1δ

  • Gamma lines are between 1.0 δ and 0.9 δ showing slight deviation
  • Alpha lines are between 0.9 δ and 0.3 δ showing significant deviation
  • Sigma lines have a δ of less than 0.3 showing massive deviation

Timeline mutations are expensive, and highly sought after by famous fighters at AEON STADIUM.

They are accessed using a Resonance Genome.

Radioactive Abomination resonance genome. Made by Splice. Looks like a vertical figure eight made of a green radioactive substance.
~ Genome sample titled "Radioactive Abomination".
Eclipse resonance genome. Made by Splice. Looks like a horizontal figure eight made of dark clouds with red lights inside.
~ Genome sample titled "Eclipse".

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