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Mega Corporations
of Genesis Augmented Reality

List of Mega Corporations discovered by Genesis Augmented

Mega corporations exist in the post-time future. Due to the invention of time manipulation, the mega elite of society travelled to new layers of reality. They exist outside of time and no longer abide by it's rules.

Logo for XMEGA banking megacorporation from the Genesis Augmented Reality Game.
Incorporated in the year 2402 AD. They make a start by assisting with the secure transfer and storage of SpaceTime anomalies which have travelled through Wormholes. Their clientele begins to expand to important government officials, and quickly they become the biggest bank in the world.
Logo for Time Corporation from the Genesis Augmented Reality Game.
Incorporated in the year 2202 AD. They made big $$$$ selling fighting clones who are telepathically paired with a human host. They are owners of "The Tournament", a televised deathmatch between clones of oddities collected on expeditions inside a man-made Wormhole.
XomTek Industries
Logo for Xomtek Industries from the Genesis Augmented Reality Game.
Incorporated 2300 AD, XomTek quickly becomes a specialist on the exact science of bringing life back to the dead. Effectively inventing a means to an eternal life of sorts. Many of their experiments fail, with horrible consequences for the world's populations. However, they do make A LOT of money and are declared a worldwide success.
Splice Conglomerate
Incorporated 2230 AD - Splice develops a proprietary method of genetic modification and architecture. They become the forefront provider of medical organ cloning, custom genetic printing and cloning / incubation of genetic samples.
Makushido Corporation
Incorporated 2070 AD - Makushido grips the nation of Japan for the next 1,000 years. Circa. 2200 AD - Their influence expands with Japan's asteroid mining industry. They manufacture weaponry and manage military and aero-space defence for the royalty of Neo Japan. With much merit and intricate blood ties to the New Government since ancient times - Makushido becomes a primary provider of Artificial Intelligence, mecha, munitions and super soldier technology to the new world.

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