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#003 - Osirus

Intergalactic Sheriff



Osirus (Japanese: 砂漠の機械 Desert Machine) is a dual-type Mutant/Machine introduced in Genesis Series ZeroOne.

At level 1, unlocks Xypher-27 Laser Weapons and an Overclock ability. It evolves an ability called Bulletstorm starting at level 5, and later develops an ability called Atomic-Railgun starting at level 10.

Along with Alatus and Baron, Osirus is one of three starter Vessels available at the start of Genesis Augmented Reality.

Genesis Augmented Reality playable character called Osirus in Augmented Reality on a table
~ "Osirus in Augmented Reality"
Genesis Augmented Reality playable character called Osirus in Augmented Reality shooting a laser sniper rifle
~ "Osirus priming his Atomic-Railgun in Augmented Reality"


Intergalactic Sheriff

MCN #03

Passive Ability
Tactical Aimbot Systems
Base Abilities
Xypher-27 Revolvers
Unlockable Abilities
210 kg

Origin Story

Deserts of Raius

A lone ranger wanders the expanse of space, seeking retribution and bringing swift justice to those who hinder his relentless pursuit. Armed with his two Xypher-27 revolvers and his Atomic railgun, Osirus is a bounty hunter, taking down high profile targets at a high price. Although, it is not money that he fights for.

Hanz-Kromos releases the X7 House Robot

Osirus is one of the last existing X7-Fayron units. The traditional X7 units were masterpieces of robotic engineering, created by the Hanz-Kromos Corporation in the year 2125. The Fayrons were designed as the ultimate servant that could conduct any action or procedure that its human masters would command. The X7-Fayrons were used on many worlds and proved to be a major asset in off-world industry and even orbital abodes where they were used as household butlers.

X7 Genocide

The intelligence and physical ability of the X7s led to their end. In the year 2139 the production of these technological marvels ceased and all existing cells were exterminated. Threatened with extinction, the Fayrons learning skills grew at an extreme rate, to the point where these highly intelligent machines developed human emotion. As they became smarter, the humans became more afraid. Upon discovery of these "robotic emotions", the Hanz-Kromos Corporation gave the order for all units to be terminated permanently.



Desert planet of Raius. A dwarf planet with thin atmosphere. Inhabited by Raiders, dangerous xeno-fauna and intergalactic criminals hiding from pursuers. Raius is shrouded in an asteroid belt - and is the 3rd largest planet in the Arakus-116 solar system. Very hard to reach without an asteroid orbital map. The terrain is mostly lava rivers and it's deserts are filled with large shifting dunes of iron and zerkon dust. No vegetation grows on Raius however there are thin oxygen levels present in the atmosphere.

Physical Description

Bone Structure

Upright humanoid. Titanium exoskeleton. Core is unknown.

Memory Fragment

A fragment from "diary of a doomed scientist"

On the desert planet of Raius, one of the last X7-Fayrons exists, unit number K23O-SYRS-82301-039 or as he likes to call himself, Osirus. He was a prototype X7, developed to be the first combat type Fayron. Due to his upgraded sensors and modified A.I core, Osirus learnt much quicker than other X7’s, making him amongst the first to show complex emotional responses. When the technicians first saw this behaviour from the prototype, they terminated his systems immediately and erased his memory. Shortly after, the facility that Osirus was developed and tested in was raided by a large bandit war party which saw the destruction of the research outpost and ultimately Osirus’ freedom.

When the raiders finished looting the buildings and slaughtering the workers, the chieftain found the hibernating body of Osirus stored within the most secure vault in the facility. The raider chieftain, the renowned Krux-Axelhide was revered as a savage in battle yet had a brilliant knowledge of advanced robotic engineering. Reawakening the memoryless Osirus, Krux took the Fayron into his own hands. For years Osirus was a warrior servant to Krux which molded him into a hardy but passionate Fayron. Osirus lived alongside the barbaric raiders of Raius for 39 years until Krux was viciously betrayed by his fellow warchiefs. Soon after, the raider party Osirus once called his masters were hunted down one-by-one. Ultimately, Osirus was left alone to wander the deserts of Raius only with his knowledge of survival and his ability to kill.

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