Zombies are used for so many things, they are very useful.

They will clean, cook and massage at a simple command.

As you know, when the Great War started, our best defence against the hostile extraterrestrials was millions of zombies.

They never stood a chance !

We specialise in the creation and maintenance of zombified personnel, soldiers and employees.

After careful research, zombies now look adequate for public usage :)

They can also be used for experimental shampoo and conditioner testing. They don't feel pain, so all procedures are humane.

~ An advertisement from Xomtek in the year 2362 AD

Their representatives are not to be trusted. Most employees who work there are not quite themselves.



The inside of a Xomtek Alpha laboratory with scientists looking at a giant green alien inside a spherical glass container
~ "Mother" DNA node secured at a primary Xomtek facilty

Zombie Farms

Xomtek, made new zombies at locations documented as "Farms".

"Zombies" take about 5 hours to grow, using a nutrient rich ooze as a base - which was a proprietary blend resembling primordial soup.

The soup would be electrified, moulded and injected with catalyst to induce a cyclic growth - crystallisation pattern. Rapidly producing a cellular matrix aligned with Xomtek's organic blueprints. The main technology used was originally developed for growing food.

Inside the control room of a Xomtek zombie farm with computer systems and zombies growing inside vertical glass cylinders
~ Inside a Xomtek "Farm" control room.


Chives is the pillar that holds a XomTek Facility together.

He is caretaker of all XomTek Facilities simultaneously.

Chives is physically present at each facility as a swarm of humanoid robots.

He is designed to service guests and manage farms.

There are many varieties of Chives in a Swarm. Each variety is optimised to accomplish their unique task in an efficient and timely manner.

Each instance, Farming Chives - who work the farms and mix growth hormones - are dressed in farming attire. The many pockets of our standard issue blue demin overalls are useful in their labours.

Robotic farmers are scientifically proven to be more effective at managing zombie farms. So in the year 2120 AD all workers were replaced with Chives.

Chives does not sleep. And neither do zombies. Which is why your safety is 99.99% guaranteed.

And always remember ... If the red light turns on, make sure you stay indoors.

A futuristic robot butler in a tuxedo named Chives. Made by Xomtek.
~ A Chives control unit in the year 2400 AD.
A Chives robotic waiter dressed in a tuxedo. Made by Xomtek
~ A 2340 AD Chives service unit.
Giant pink brain in a nuclear bunker connected at the base to large bundles of wires.
~ A Chives "Root Brain". Each brain governs a district of Chives. A metal hat must be worn at all times when in a vicinity of a Root Brain.
A group of Chives farming robots with yellow helmets and blue overalls standing in a field of wheat. Made by XomTek
~ A group of farming Chives lining up for a role call.

Super Cheap Rent !

Around most zombie farms are estates with super cheap rent !

As you know, it gets more expensive the closer you get to the core of the Mega City.

Your house comes with complimentary pool access, a vending machine and a brand new radio.

You will never want to leave !

~ A Xomtek BrainWave™ advertisement targeted at couples looking to rent their first house together.

A street view of the many colored houses in a Xomtek estate. Genesis Augmented Reality
~ Marketing image of Xomtek estate in District 22.

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