Zombies are used for so many things, they are very useful.

They will clean, cook and massage at a simple command.

As you know, when the Great War started, our best defence against the hostile extraterrestrials was millions of zombies.

They never stood a chance !

We specialise in the creation and maintenance of zombified personnel, soldiers and employees.

After careful research, zombies now look adequate for public usage :)

They can also be used for experimental shampoo and conditioner testing. They don't feel pain, so all procedures are humane.

~ An advertisement from Xomtek in the year 2362 AD

Their representatives are not to be trusted. Most employees who work there are not quite themselves.



The inside of a Xomtek Alpha laboratory with scientists looking at a giant green alien inside a spherical glass container
~ "Mother" DNA node secured at a primary Xomtek facilty

Zombie Farms

Xomtek, made new zombies at locations documented as "Farms".

"Zombies" take about 5 hours to grow, using a nutrient rich ooze as a base - which was a proprietary blend resembling primordial soup.

The soup would be electrified, moulded and injected with catalyst to induce a cyclic growth - crystallisation pattern. Rapidly producing a cellular matrix aligned with Xomtek's organic blueprints. The main technology used was originally developed for growing food.

Inside the control room of a Xomtek zombie farm with computer systems and zombies growing inside vertical glass cylinders
~ Inside a Xomtek "Farm" control room.

Super Cheap Rent !

Around most zombie farms are estates with super cheap rent !

As you know, it gets more expensive the closer you get to the core of the Mega City.

Your house comes with complimentary pool access, a vending machine and a brand new radio.

You will never want to leave !

~ A Xomtek BrainWave™ advertisement targeted at couples looking to rent their first house together.

A street view of the many colored houses in a Xomtek estate. Genesis Augmented Reality
~ Xomtek estate in District 22.

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