Time Corporation

Their public representatives are from the future.

Time Corporation is the parent company of all things entertainment in the 23rd century.

After time travel is discovered. Time Corporation is the first to make use of it.

They work with Splice to create clones of Entities found in the past and future on wormhole expeditions.

Clones are made using a resonance cloning device. Which replicates a SpaceTime signature, building a physical body to match the information carried by the signature.

Signatures are collected by personnel in our exploration group who travel into SpaceTime Wormholes and return with new specimens.

Most standard clones are used at the Stadium in deathmatches that are watched by millions of live streamers.

Stadium ready clones were sold to interested buyers in the year 2021 AD.

These assets were distributed via binance smart chain in order to provide collectors with a contract of ownership.

There were only 500 ever produced.

If you have one of these rare items. You are able to exchange it with us for three max level augmented reality cards capable of competing in The Tournament (more information on this below). Cards connect your stadium bound clone to any early 21st century smartphone, so you will be able to control its consciousness.

Follow and contact us on social media if you would like to make an exchange.

Your cards will be mailed to a physical address you specify.

Two characters having a fight from the AR TCG augmented reality mobile game.
~ "Augmented Reality livestream of a stadium battle."

Aeon Stadium

No-Time District #11

A wide perspective of the futuristic and technologically advanced gladiator stadium built by Time Corporation The Time Corporation Aeon gladiator stadium at night time

The Tournament

Tournaments are pools of up to 20 players that fight 1v1 until an ultimate champion is victorious. If you lose a fight, you are disqualified from continuing in that particular tournament.

To enter a tournament, you must buy in with an amount between $1 and $10 USD. This amount is the same for every challenger in a pool and is decided before a tournament starts. This can be transferred as BNB, BUSD or USDT. It is stored in an escrow wallet until the winner is decided. There are two types of pools. Threes and Fives. Depending on the pool type, you must own three to five max level creatures in order to qualify for entry.

The total contents of a pool's escrow wallet being wired to the winner's wallet address upon ultimate victory.

A diagram showing the progression of fights in a AR TCG ladder-style tournament

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