1. Get Some Cards

For free play - Scan cards on the website. See card list here

For premium gameplay - You must purchase cards - We will post them to you in 3-5 business days. Click here to shop now

2. Open the app and start a TCG battle

  1. Select "Start TCG Battle"
  2. Choose your gameplay mode
    • 1v1. i.e. 1 of your cards fights 1 enemy card.
    • 3v3
    • 5v5

3. Augmented Reality: Scan your cards and choose your team

For free play (singleplayer only) you can scan cards from the website to build your team.

If you wish to own physical 1st edition cards, purchase them from our shop. To play networked multiplayer - you require actual physical cards.

4. Scale Change

Use scale change to modify the size of everything in the Augmented Reality space. Optimal gameplay sizes are as follows:

  • 0.1x = tabletop
  • 0.5x = indoors i.e. Living Room
  • 1x = outdoors (intended size)
  • > 1x = parks, soccar fields, etc

Or, during gameplay - you can select the settings button in the top right of the screen to open the scale change user interface.

5. Augmented Reality: Map your terrain (surrounding environement)

Use your phone to "scan" the environment - living room, beach, park, etc - into the game. Creating a gameplay terrain within the augmented reality space.

When the blue indicator appears - it means that area is ready to be used for Augmented Reality gameplay.

6. Summon TimeMonster

(in 3v3 and 5v5 mode) Select the team member you wish to summon from the panel in the top left of the screen

Summon your TimeMonster into the Augmented Reality space by tapping the blue indicator - It will appear at that location.

7. Movement and Attacks

Movement - Use the circular joystick on the bottom left of the screen to move characters around the Augmented Reality space.

Basic Attack

  • Melee - Press the big button the bottom right of the screen to perform a Basic Attack.
  • Ranged - Aim the joystick on the bottom right of the screen to perform a Basic Attack.

Special Attacks - Use the 3 smaller buttons surrounding the basic attack button/joystick on the bottom right on the screen. *Special Attacks cost Mana

Health and Mana - A TimeMonster's health and mana is indicated at the top left of the screen underneath their icon.

8. Battle

The aim of the game is to use your team to defeat all enemy TimeMonsters.

9. Team Switch

During a battle - select the character icons in the top left of the screen to switch your active TimeMonster.

The blue indicator will re-appear in the Augmented Reality world space - tap the indicator to summon your newly selected team member at the specified location.

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  • Unlocks multiplayer networked battles and seasonal ranked battles

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