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#008 - Ronin

Cyber Ninja X



Ronin (Japanese: サイバー幽霊侍 Cyber Ghost Samurai) is a dual-type Mutant/Cyborg Vessel introduced in Genesis Series ZeroOne.

At level 1, unlocks a basic weapon called Neodachi™ and an ability called PowerFlip. It evolves an ability called Virtual Overdrive starting at level 5, and later develops an ability called Qi::HyperGuardian® starting at level 9.

Along with Ooxooku and Mephisto, Ronin is one of three expansion Vessels available for Genesis Augmented Reality ZeroOne.


Cyber Ninja X

MCN #08

Passive Ability
ExaVolt Capacitator
Base Abilities
Neodachi™ Forms (attack and defense)
Unlockable Abilities
Virtual Overdrive
150 kg

Origin Story

2087 CE

2087 CE … Humanity, the planet, life itself is not what it once was. In the near future, people lost faith in their own identities. Ideas of purpose and meaning became diluted over the past century as the progress of technology excelled faster than we could maintain. Our curiosity and willingness to innovate and create ultimately led to the downfall of what made us human. Materialism replaced emotions, the need for efficiency and output replaced empathy, and governments and institutions based on ethics were replaced by trillion dollar mega-corps. The power shifted from elected leaders to self-made business tyrants who had more influence over the lives of people than the political bodies that they once adhered to. The world eventually decided that it didn’t need governments anymore, that we could be ruled, organised and distributed by these enterprises who’s only concern was the increase of profits and the expansion of power. The Corporations promised a far better life style, that we would live bountiful lives filled with all the pleasures we could desire. A fair life with reward based on how hard one would work. We were fooled, hypnotised. Humanity had arrived at the doorstep of a dark future.


Cities were now autonomous machines with splashes of what remained of culture in the world. Forms of street art, old tacky neon-lit restaurants and the giant hologram commercials that flooded the skyline. Dark metal buildings were lit by colourful advertisements that radiated off one another, creating a complex web of artificial colour and light within the dark and bleak neo-urban reality.

Makushido Corporation

Japan was one of the last countries that was able to uphold fragments of their fading culture. The Makushido Corporation was one of the largest and most powerful mega-corporations to ever exist. By the year 2078 Hideaki Makushido had control of 90% of Japan’s industrial and commercial output which in turn meant that Hideaki had utter control of the Japanese populous. The people lived in a charade of the reality that took place around them. Using advanced technology such as memory implantation and simulation, hyper-reality fabrication, advanced cybernetics, newly developed narcotics and deep virtual reality to escape their grim lives. These technological marvels were the main tools used by the Mega-corps to control our lives and eventually our minds. Highly advanced forms of entertainment and services were put in place to keep people distracted from the over-polluted and bleak outside world. Makushido produced and provided the most advanced and widespread forms of this technology to Japan, having a firm grip on the brain function of the 1 billion lives that now lived there.

Rising Sun

Hideaki had a great fascination in the way of the samurai and the power of the Shogun during the feudal age of Japan. He spent most of his own time studying the histories and stories of the once proud culture. Most of his peers knew of his fascination but none knew how extreme and fanatical he really was. On the 3rd of October 2082, Makushido declared himself Shogun to the newly formed Empire of the Rising Sun.

Cyber Samurai Killbots

In secret, Hideaki Makushido was constructing a private military of cyber-trained Samurai. The army was made up of robot warriors that were led by a human with the rank of ‘NoBody’, individuals that were captured and experimented on by the Makushido corp. In an unconscious state, they were put through millions of simultaneous cyber training simulations that were designed to completely rewire brain functionality to morph them into the perfect killing machines. These warriors served as loyal commanders for Makushido’s army of neo-samurai. Hideaki had ordered 5 million brainwashed and cyber-trained samurai, equipped with an array of carbines and other versatile small arms weaponry.


There are stories of an Agent who managed to break free of Makushido’s domination and now works from the shadows as a vigilante. The Ronin, he is referred to. Most do not believe in his existence for he hides from the streets and alleys, climbing from rooftop to rooftop, looking down upon the people suffering and making his just intervention when he deems necessary. Nothing is known about the cyborg’s human life or anything about his past. What is known is that during his training Makushido’s deep science facility, an unknown agent attempted to restore the man’s consciousness by unleashing a phenomenal amount of shin into his datacore. While not completely restoring his consciousness, the one they call Ronin breached the facility. Makushido deployed his deadliest forces to hunt him down, from Cyberninjas to Kazawi-45 Battle-Drones, The Ronin is always under pursuit.

Whispers ...

Many street dwellers and other lowlife citizens of Imperial Japan share their stories of The Ronin to one another, becoming that of a legend amongst the people. There have been passing stories of how he has liberated entire labour and mining camps and successfully infiltrated and sabotaged massive military operations and facilities. Ronin’s blade is said to be the swiftest, his sword arm has met legions of samurai and all have fallen before him. As he searches for his soul, Ronin attempts to restore the hope and humanity of the downtrodden and destitute.



Within the MegaCity-01 Techno-Metropolis.

Physical Description

Ronin wears fullbody lighweight metal combat armour. His left sword-arm is exposed. And a tattoo with a forgottten meaning covers the upper arm. He wears a combat helmet with an internal Augmented Reality HUD. The datastreams from his sword and armour are connected into his spinal column and brainstem via a brain computer interface (BCI) adapter kindly provided by XomTek Industries.

Bone Structure


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