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#009 - Ooxooku

Emporer of Tol'Kor



Ooxooku (Japanese: おおざる Massive Monkey) is a dual-type BioForm/Sasquatch Vessel introduced in Genesis Series ZeroZero.

At level 1, unlocks a basic weapon called Spiked Gauntlets and an ability called Gorilla Rage. It evolves an ability called Seismic-Leap starting at level 4, and later develops an ability called Hurl-Boulder starting at level 7.

Ooxooku - along with Ronin and Mephisto - is one of three expansion Vessels available for Genesis Augmented Reality ZeroZero.


Emporer of Tol'Kor

MCN #09

Passive Ability
Primal Rage
Base Abilities
Spiked Gauntlets
Donkey Punch
Unlockable Abilities
Hurl: Boulder
3.4 m
502 kg

Origin Story

Ape Planet - @ Approx 24,000 solar revolutions

On the jungle planet of Tol’Kor, a race of intelligent ape-like beasts reigned supreme over the harsh and diverse jungles and forests, the Primations. They appear as normal primates, most of the species resemble gorillas but also resemble other familiar and unfamiliar apes. After millions of years of survival and adaptation, the apes developed communication skills to the level of spoken language and hieroglyphics. Using the preciseness of their hands and the strength of their arms, the Primations began to develop tool making and stone structure building. The beasts began to unify with one another and tribes began to rapidly form all over the planet. So began the thousand years of chaos, where all the Primations tribes fought for land and honour without mercy and without order. Peace became a very distant memory for the Primations until the great one came. There was one that defied nature and denied the rule of chaos, he knew that he and his species were meant for more and that their destiny lied within unification.

Ooxooku - King of Primations

Ooxooku, a name that echoes through the jungles and strikes fear and respect into all the other creatures of Tol’Kor. He is the lord of the jungle and king of the Primations. Since he was just a child, Ooxooku excelled over his others. He was much larger than most Primations, being the size of a full-grow adult when he was just in his early adolescence. As he grew older, he became stronger, smarter, larger and more charismatic than all the other Primations in his tribe. Ooxooku saw many battles and defended his tribe against invading Primations, most fought with clubs, spears and axes while Ooxooku used his bare fists to annihilate his foes. Eventually, Ooxooku became the chief of his tribe and devoted his life to it, yet his eyes were set on higher ambitions.


He had seen much bloodshed amongst his people and heard stories of the war lasting for hundreds of generations. Ooxooku begun on his epic quest of uniting the tribes of Tol’Kor and bringing peace and harmony to his people. The great Primation knew that it would be a long and violent process but he knew that it was necessary for the future of his race. He travelled to all the other tribes of Tol’Kor and reasoned with some but fought with most. Proving himself to the other tribes to be the great one, he led his armies that crushed all who opposed his rule.

Unification of Tol'Kor

After decades of conquest and unification, Ooxooku did the impossible and united all the Primation tribes, becoming the first king of Tol’Kor. He built entire cities of stone pyramids and towers and created a true civilisation for the Primation species. Ooxooku’s dream of a better world for his people became a reality. The name Ooxooku became immortalized in the stories and stoneworks of the great Primation Empire that existed for thousands of years after the great one’s death, becoming a God to the Primations.



Ooxooku lives on the jungle planet of Tol’kor which is inhabited primarily by ape like creatures that have evolved language, metalworking and basic construction, giving them the ability to build large tribal societies spanning the lush jungles of the Tol’korian landscape. The apes of Tol’kor are warriors, their society values strength and victory above all else. The warchief of the Tol’kor is essentially their king, utilising both incredible intellect and combat prowess to crush any opposition. Ooxooku rules from the capital of his domain - a city built of stone structures in the thickest and deepest of the Tol’korian jungles.

Physical Description

Ooxooku is a Gorilla of massive size, three times the size of an ordinary Gorilla. He boasts massive forearms (see figure 1). He appears both extremely strong and powerful, but maintains an air of age and wisdom. Ooxooku, has many battle scars and aged fur which is almost the color of black ice (see figure 1). He also has a large jagged scar that runs down one of his eyes. Ooxooku is clad in thick gold armour covering his chest, back, shoulders, neck, and forearms. He wears a circlet with a red jewel in the middle wrapped around his skull which serves its purpose as a crown (made by his artisan Lord.Harambo). He is the warlord of an entire jungle planet infested with apes; his power, wisdom, prestige and authority are evident through his appearance.

Bone Structure

Ooxooku has the bone structure of a large and muscular silverback gorilla.

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