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#007 - Mephisto

Hyperspace Dark Jester



Mephisto (Japanese: 天国のピエロ Heavenly Clown) is a dual-type Magic/HyperSpace Vessel introduced in Genesis Series ZeroOne.

At level 1, unlocks an ability called *New Card and another called Straight. It evolves an ability called Royal Flush starting at level 5, and later develops an ability called Big Blind starting at level 9.

Along with Ronin and Ooxooku, Mephisto is one of three expansion Vessels available for Genesis Augmented Reality ZeroOne.

~ "Mephisto and Ronin meet-up in HyperSpace"


HyperSpace Dark Jester

MCN #07

Base Abilities
New Card
Unlockable Abilities
Royal Flush
Big Blind
56 kg

Origin Story

A Vassal of Madness

Ancient texts from many societies and civilisations from across the universe speak of a masked one who appeared in the courts of Kings - causing strife, madness and mayhem. With a composure of class and beauty, a facade of enigmatic charm and humour, the Twisted One makes his appearance. His true name has no textual form and cannot be pronounced by any mortal, Mephisto is the name that has followed him throughout the ages.

Mephisto throughout the Ages

Mephisto’s origin is a contentious subject for none know where he came from or what he even is. Some speculate he is a being that has existed since the early days of the universe, others that he is a direct servant of Rharkon or even Rharkon himself, some say he could even be an extra-dimensional being due to his lack of consideration for the laws of Genesis. Mephisto is known to travel the expanse of space and time, being able to instantaneously appear in different worlds, at different times, with little to no effort. The scale of Mephisto’s power is unknown, he is very selective with his actions and invokes his direct power only on a select few - who usually do not live to tell the tale.

Celestial Alignment: When the door opens

In the great halls of Kings, when there were times of feats or great gatherings, he would appear as a jester. Donning a peculiar mask, raiment’s of bright silks and golden pendants of unrivalled exquisiteness, always in the cultural significance of the land he was present in. In order to set up his web, he will bind key individuals to his Will. Forcing them to Perform in certain ways - turning the kingdom into a funny marionette.

Based on reports, it seems to understand the Rules of Chaos. Turning the idea into a funny game. We suppose it sees Chaos as a toy.

It takes pleasure in chaos of the mind, reports indicate satisfaction as it's plan unravels.

Mephisto is not a servant of destruction but a vassal of an ancient or future madness.



The true form of Mephisto dwells within the depths of the Void, he reveals himself in many kingdoms across ages and worlds as a jester, spending most of his time in the courts of kings.

Physical Description

Mephisto appears to be a dark, chaotic jester yet dons an elegant and regal attire, being able to infiltrate the most beautiful royal courts of any kingdom. He dons a colour scheme of white, gold, red and sometimes black. His mask is the core of his power, connecting him to the physical dimension and concealing his true incomprehensible form.

Bone Structure

Humanoid. Sometimes floating

Memory Fragment

An account of Archduke James Anderson Mephisto the 4th - Circa 3509 AD

"Using his charm and wit he toyed with nobility and other important figures in the grand courts. Through the arts of deception and trickery he weaved his web of malice and will eventually send the entire kingdom into bankruptcy and madness. Knowing him, The Master will most certainly leave long before the fall even begins :3 "

Archduke James Mephisto was the core of certain strange happenings across hundreds of kingdoms and other places of power while he was alive. After his death, his progeny elected a successor who died choking on a piece of blackberry pie. A hundred-thousand years later an account under the name Frank Mephisto is recorded at a hotel on a jungle planet named El-Bazzarr. It seems this entity will continue to leave marks across the Universe. Travelling the space between spaces and making an appearance at certain important times of spacetime resonance. It does not seem to abide by the rules of Time. For it, death is not the end. To tame this creature, would be to tame madness itself.

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