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#001 - Alatus

Guardian of Xaitarea



Alatus (Japanese: 黄金翼 Golden Wings) is a dual-type Metal/Magic Vessel introduced in Genesis Series ZeroOne.

At level 1, unlocks Heavy Plasma Bolt and a Teleportation ability. It evolves an ability called Time Bomb starting at level 5, and later develops an ability called Xeeta Laser starting at level 32.

Along with Osirus and Baron, Alatus is one of three starter Vessels available at the start of Genesis Augmented Reality.

Genesis Augmented Reality playable character called Alatus in Augmented Reality on a table
~ "Alatus in Augmented Reality"


Guardian of Xaitarea

MCN #01

Passive Ability
Gravitational Field
Base Abilities
Heavy Plasma Bolt
Unlockable Abilities
Time Bomb
Xeeta Laser
7.3 Tonne

Origin Story

A relic from a violent and ancient past

In the furthest reaches of the cosmos there existed a great empire called Xaitarea. In their earliest years, a particularly gifted Xaitarean Magnus discovered how to harness the immense energy stored within a 4th dimensional hyper-structure of immense power - known as a Tesseract - Over the next century, Xaitarea used this newfound technology to traverse the great expanses of stars which had been previously closed to them. Over the next hundred years, they rapidly expand and colonise thousands of star systems.

In the blink of an eye

As their influence expanded, so did their access to abundant natural resources. Using highly sophisticated technology, they built colossal warships fueled by the innate power stored within the Tesseracts. Feeding off the intense cosmic energy radiated by these mysterious cosmic structures, Alatus warships were able to carry complex and powerful warp drives allowing them to travel between star systems in the blink-of-an eye. We still don’t know how these systems worked however experts speculate they were able to fold spacetime fabric. Propelling themselves through using something documented as Xee-Force.

Xaitarean extinction - Solar Implosion 10225

The Alatus - Sentry Marauder - was once a sentient war base. After a solar event causes the collapse of a major Xaitarea kingdom - A lone military commander takes control, however an unknown dispute causes a rebellion, led by a Xaitarean commoner. The empire falls into ruin and eventually small political parties take control. All advanced skills and technology are lost and the empire fades back to dust. Some Alatus ships have survived the Aeons, roaming the depths of deep space. Some even being adopted by SpacePirates, becoming notorious and feared throughout the galaxy; A rogue sentient pirate ship, roaming the depths of our galaxy.



Milky way solar system, often harvesting interstellar clouds of Hydrogen and Helium.

Physical Description

Although the war base no longer has a mothership to return to, it's A.I system continues to keep it in an immaculate condition. It is a floating ship in the shape of a stretched (horizontal) diamond, covered in protective golden panels. The ship also has several beacons which flash bright purple. Atop it's crown is an antennae which is able to recieve extra-dimensional signals.

Bone Structure

Suspended, floating.

Memory Fragment

The last spacewalk recording of SpacePirate Roberts

We have exited orbit and landed our spacecraft. I have disembarked the ship, now making my way towards our checkpoint 50 feet away. My crew is onboard keeping the engine hot. We received a strange beacon on our signal detection apparatus - It is unlike anything we have ever seen. My linguistics agent says it looks ancient. We are looking for a SpaceTime wormhole - trying to get home - and have been chasing a moving blip on the subspace-energy viewer. We need to know if this is a Worldline Event. The checkpoint is a crater. Something is definitely half-buried inside. Blue light is spilling from it's lip. I am going to try and get a look over the top. I seen a...nyt...hing it - Signal Lost -

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