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#010 - Aeomir

Warmage of Aesgaard



Aeomir (Japanese: 東海の雪王 Snow King of the East Sea) is a dual-type Magic/Ice Vessel introduced in Genesis Series ZeroZero.

At level 1, unlocks a basic weapon called Ice Trident and an ability called Big Frost Lance. He evolves an ability called Deep Freeze starting at level 3, and later develops an ability called Portal: Icy Comet starting at level 7.

Along with Xamash and Hyperxyon, Aeomir is one of three expansion Vessels available for Genesis Augmented Reality ZeroZero.


Warmage of Aesgaard

MCN #10

Passive Ability
Ice Ball
Base Abilities
Snow Trident
Big Frost Lance
Unlockable Abilities
Deep Freeze
Portal: Ice Comet
2.1 m
150 kg

Origin Story

Aesgaard and Vanatar - Circa ???

Aesgaard and Vanatar were neighbouring worlds in a distant star system that were both settled at the same time by refugees from a civilisation that saw its doom tens of thousands of years ago.

A Planet of Ice

Aesgaard was a cold and harsh planet that bred the war-like and proud Aesar who settled across the icy tundra. Savage tribes fought each other for centuries until they were united under a single warlord who dominated the Aesar, his name was Odin.

A World of Lush Jungle

On Vanatar, the fair and intelligent Vanar built a wondrous civilisation on the lush forest world that they had been so lucky to find. With huge sprawling cities of art, science and culture, the Vanar prospered in their new world.


In the depths of the forests of Vanatar, the Vanar found a great tree that towered above the forest, radiating light and powerful energy. The Vanar studied the tree and gained knowledge and abilities that they never thought possible. The greatest mages discovered a way to create portals to other worlds that grew like fruits on the branches of the tree. They used these portals to explore these realms and learn from what the other worlds could teach them. The tree was named the world tree, Yggdrasil.


One of the worlds that the Vanar gained access to was the neighbouring world of Aesgaard where the Aesar had been united under Odin for almost three hundred years. They had become a strong and violent people whose way of life revolved around war and conquest. Upon contact, the Aesar invaded Vanatar where Odin and his warriors would raid and pillage the land. For ten decades the fighting raged on. Raids evolved into total war and continued to a stalemate until Odin found they key to his victory.

Odin had been told a prophesy by the old seers in his clan. The prophecy said that “the shattered frozen heart of the lord of winter will give the lord of war the love he needs to smite his enemy”. Odin took this very literally for he was not a being of calm, collected reflection. The lord of war believed that his quest was to travel to Nelfada, the realm of the Ice Giants and slay their king Ymir whose heart was said to be the coldest of all. He thought the heart of the Ice Giant could be used as a weapon against the Vanar.

A Rift in Time

Odin gathered his most powerful mages to study the rift that the Vanar had used to travel to Aesgaard and find a way to replicate their own. The Aesar mages were known for their understanding of warmagic yet had very little knowledge for energy and forces of this complexity. To create a tear in time and space was something almost incomprehensible to the Aesar mages. Hundreds of Aesar mages died in their forced efforts inflicted by their overlord. But after many failed attempts, the Aesar were able to create their own rift that led to Nelfada.

Lord of Winter

Odin gathered his greatest warriors and marched on the home of the Ice Giants. The titanic beasts fought monstrously to defend their king but the sheer rage and drive of the Aesar allowed them to defeat the Giants. Ymir and Odin duelled for what appeared to be several days. An epic sight of two colossal forces that cracked and sundered the frozen earth of Nelfada. Odin managed to defeat the lord of winter and upon the final blow, Ymir froze completely. Within a matter of seconds the king of the Ice Giants shattered in a great explosion that covered the world in a devastating blizzard. The storm was immense and of great power, wiping out whatever remained of Odin’s army. After days of ferocious winds of ice, the blizzard cleared and all that remained of the lord of winter was his frozen heart at the bottom of a deep crater. As Odin approached the heart, he saw a child, calmly asleep inside of it as if it were a cradle of blue crystal.

Crystal Heart

Odin raised the child, acting upon what he had believed the seers had meant. He grew a fondness for the child, a fondness he had not felt for his many other children. The warlord of Aesgaard named him Aeomir, referring to the babe locked inside the cold and grim icy shell in which he was found. The boy wore the name as a burden, the other sons of Odin treated Aeomir poorly for not being one of Odin’s true sons. Aeomir spent much of his early life secluded and studying the arcane as he developed a natural affinity to ice. However Odin was not impressed with his sons activities, he believed that Aeomir were to become a gargantuan warrior, considered that he came from the heart of a giant. Aeomir was no larger than the average Aesar yet appeared to become far more intelligent and wiser than his peers.

Aeomir: Warmage

He continued his studies of magic and mastered the power to manipulate ice when he came of man’s age. Odin’s frustration and fondness for Aeomir grew simultaneously, as he was diverting farther from being a warrior of strength but becoming a powerful being nonetheless. Odin prepared his son for destiny, for war. Aeomir had become learned in the cosmic energies used to create the rifts. Aeomir learned to manipulate Genesis itself. He combined the powers of ice and the void to build a fortress in a frozen sector of space called Absolute Zero, a place where time and space were stagnant, a place where Aeomir could study and gain power without the constraints of space and time and his father.



Aeomir’s domain is his frozen fortress Absolute Zero. It is a stellated object that sits between a group of frozen planets in a part of space so cold that time and space stagnate. Inside he has limitless books, scrolls, ingredients, potions and many other magical apparatus.

Physical Description

Aeomir has long icy hair and a nordicly braided white beard which has icicles forming at its tips. He appears to be an old and grizzled man who is very athletic and physically muscular. His eyes reflect the cosmos, a blue glow radiates from them but a closer look and stars and galaxies are revealed. He dons a winged helmet similar to Thor and Odin but not quite as grand and glorified - in the top centre are set three gems. The middle being a bright icy blue light while the one on the left is a deep cosmic purple and the one on the other side is a deep blue. These gems provide Aeomir with a large amount of magical energy, this can be visibly seen. He wears light to medium mage armour with light metal plating for extra protection on the battle field. He wears a large mystical cloak - Its insides appear to be covered in stars, snow and ice. Aeomir also carries many of his arcane items with him when travelling the Cosmos. Many potion vials and tomes of knowledge are attached to his belt and other utility straps on his armour. He wears black metal forearm gauntlets - keeping his hands exposed. Allowing him to parry strikes with his forearms and also effectively conjure magic from his hands. He wears thick fur boots for when he traverses the absolute cold. Aeomir wields a Grand Staff of ice and cosmic energy.

Bone Structure

Aeomir has the bone structure of a large and muscular man, yet walks with grace and care.

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