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Dimension-X (uses web3 and nft technology)

Collect Web3 NFT Items and Defeat other players to Win Binance Coin

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10 years ago, a group of SpaceTime Astronauts from XMEGA industries discovered a Dimensional Alternator. Allowing them to travel into Dimension-X - otherwise known as HEAVEN - and bring certain strange objects back to our 3D realm.

This technology allows you to use your web3 wallet to acquire and trade items from Heaven, Hell and everywhere inbetween.

Collect items, trade them for $BNB and fight with other players to become Supreme GrandMaster.


Sketch of Habitable District:04A in Megacity-01

Concept artwork of surreal architecture in the Genesis Augmented Reality game

How to Play

| Step 1 |

- Purchase a 1st Edition Genesis AR SpaceTime Capsule -

We have documented over 500 legendary fighters throughout the spacetime continuum. Fighters are Brawlers, Blademasters, Aliens, Spirits, Beasts or Robots. They are in temporal-stasis when you purchase one from us and are asleep in a SpaceTime Capsuleᵀᴹ. You can train, mutate and level up your fighter in a TimeChamber.

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Unlock pages of ancient comics

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Engage In Competitive Gameplay

A combination of Street Fighter, Diablo, Poker & Tekken. Backed by the power of blockchain so your progress is undisputed, supply is limited and the value of your collection is real.

Use Web3 to Mint, Upgrade, Mutate and Trade your Team of Genesis AR Fighters

The 1st Edition drop will be capped at a total supply of 500. Each unique BEP-721 NFT can be levelled up and is exclusive in nature. Only you own it. Start collecting over 100+ unique Genesis AR SpaceTime Capsule Toys, upgrades, weapons, skins and strange artifacts.

Bet, Win and Earn Cryptocurrency

Engage in high-stakes gameplay. Bet BNB against a real oppponent, winner takes all. Choose to cash out or use your winnings wisely to purchase more Genesis AR SpaceTime Capsule Toys and upgrade them with new alternative timelines, killmoves, powers and abilities.

All items you purchase here are secured
using Binance Smart Chain

Made permanent and bound for infinity to your account with BEP-721 NFT Technology

Buy & sell on open marketplaces

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🧪 play to win bnb and other nft rewards

Earn valuable nft consumables, weapons, skins, upgrades and new abilities for your fighters.

Do you have what it takes to become Supreme GrandMaster?
Unlock your first spacetime capsule and start playing.


Purchase in-game items

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